Partner Feature: MODOC Transforms Culture
Chad Carden at TCG Leadership Summit

TCG has been a trusted partner of the Missouri Department of Corrections (MODOC) since 2017 and has worked in tandem with its leaders to revive the culture and set the standard of excellence in the industry.

Together, TCG and MODOC implemented The Corrections Way, which focuses on staff development, retention and support. Commitment to the consistent development of nearly 10,000 employees, MODOC corrections professionals now have clarity in their vision, are aligned with their peers and understand their overall purpose.

Cultural change and growth are never-ending, and MODOC embodies that mindset inside and outside the organization.

“Our vision is to ‘improve lives for safer communities,’ and we do it in three ways: We make the workplace safer, we make our workforce better, and we reduce risk and recidivism, or, in other words, we make sure people go back into their communities better than they were when they came to us.” — Director Anne Precythe

Our work with MODOC highlights the positive impact of building cultures of excellence. We love helping organizations cultivate better environments to drive even better results. TCG takes an unorthodox approach when developing customized programs to meet each organization’s unique challenges.  

Learn more about the MODOC culture in an interview with Justice Trends Magazine.

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