The “F%*K It” List
Football stadium

Sometimes you just have to say “F%*K It!”

Bold statement, I know. But let me back up and explain why…

Years ago, I heard Jesse Itzler talk about having a “F%*K It” list rather than a bucket list. He said, “These are the things I want to do but I’m not sure I can achieve them. These are things that scare me. These are the ‘you only live once’ things.”

Certainly in my professional world, I’ve added and accomplished a lot on my “F%*K It” list, but today I’m letting you look inside my personal world (something I don’t often do here). 

I have two sons, Bryan and Charlie. They both play, watch and live sports, and I have had the privilege of coaching many of their teams. Every year, we watch the Chiefs together, and every year, we dream about a Super Bowl championship.

In 2020, our dream was on the horizon when the Chiefs were heading to Super Bowl LIV in Miami. While celebrating the Chief’s playoff win, Bryan said, “Dad, we should go to the Super Bowl!” At first I thought yeah right, but the more I thought about his excitement, the more I was reminded of Jesse’s “F%*K It” list. This was an opportunity that may never happen again, so why wouldn’t we make the most of it? A couple weeks later, Bryan and I were celebrating the first Chiefs Super Bowl win in 50 years alongside thousands of their biggest fans.

This, of course, lead to me taking my younger son, Charlie, to the Super Bowl game this year in Las Vegas. (Anyone with more than one kid knew this was coming, right?) To see my boys on top of the world and having the time of their lives was one of the greatest moments I could ask for as a dad.

It doesn’t have to be the Super Bowl, but what should be on your “F%*K It” list? Big or small (ethical and moral, of course), are you playing life to its fullest? Are you taking action on those things that you dream about? If not now, when? 

I DARE YOU. I dare you to go for it, I dare you to take the chance, I dare you to truly experience life, I dare you to make awesome shit happen and I dare you to say “F%*K It!” 

Bryan at the Super Bowl

Bryan at the Super Bowl in 2020

Charlie at the Super Bowl in 2024

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