An Unorthodox Approach to Meet Your Unique Needs

People Are Our Business

The Carden Group's Suite of Services

The employee experience is broken, and many have given up hope. TCG is helping change that one organization at a time.

Our philosophy is simple: To drive better results, you must work even better with people.

It Starts by Creating Three Things All Employees Need:

  • A Feeling of Value and Worth
  • An Understanding of Their Impact
  • Strong Connections in the Workplace

Our Formula Helps Organizations Achieve:

  • Stronger Working Relationships – Trust, Respect & Rapport
  • A Mindset of “Opportunity” Not Obligation
  • Fulfillment – Helping Everyone Understand Their Value

TCG’s Suite of Services

Oh philosophy is simple: To drive better results, you must work even better with people. We achieve this by offering a suite of services, all tailored to an organization’s unique needs. 


Designing a culture your employees love starts with understanding who you are and where you want to go. We believe organizations can reach beyond their own expectations when employees are valued, leadership is committed to the process, and teams are armed with the right skills and tools. Retention, engagement and productivity improve when we help clients transform their culture.


We specialize in developing leaders and turning boards into mission-movers. When every leader is given the right tools and an understanding of how to use them at the right time with the right person, real change can occur. We adopt practical, real and relevant tools that are inherent to your organization to build stronger leaders and even better results.


Time is a limited commodity. Let’s make the best of yours with a definied strategy. This makes it easier to say “yes” to the right things and “no” to things that just don’t fit. We’ll help your team remove the “noise” and stay focused on the things that drive results.


Effective execution of any plan necessitates clear and consistent communication within organizations. Our dedicated team specializes in crafting comprehensive internal communication strategies tailored to your specific objectives. We provide ongoing guidance and support throughout the duration of the engagement, ensuring sustained results and seamless implementation.


Strong working relationships, engagement and fulfillment are vital components to attract top talent and retain and empower your existing workforce. We help organizations understand their people better to foster a sustainable and dynamic team, driving growth and success in the long term.


“This was the best session I have ever attended. 20+ years with the Missouri Department of Mental Health. The presenters were so engaging and fun. I could’ve sat/stood for 10 hours and enjoyed myself! I loved interacting with the presenters and attendees. I would come to any Carden Group future development session. It inspired me to be better and do better!”

“I can say with confidence that our improved vacancy rate and fleet maintenance improvements are a direct result of the leadership development work we’ve implemented with the assistance of The Carden Group. We are leading the difficult conversations around topics that have direct impacts on the services we provide and are realizing measurable results. Due to this investment in our people, we are communicating with more transparency, gaining alignment, and have created the momentum necessary to propel us forward. Thank you so very much for an exceptional experience, outstanding support, and the many tools that you all provided!”

“In my 17 years with IDOC (Idaho Department of Corrections) I have never felt as positive and optimistic about my chosen profession as I do right now. Everywhere I look I see people who care about their job, about each other, and about the residents under our care. I know from experience that in this line of work we can’t fake caring. You either care or you don’t, and man, I feel it right now, and I owe a lot of that to PURPOSE In Action.”