Chad Carden pointing at someone during his lecture

Keynote speakers offer an exciting opportunity to boost morale and provide additional motivation for leaders, sales teams and more.

Chad Carden, founder of The Carden Group, provides one-of-a-kind talks on how your organization’s culture can either buoy you or break you, depending on your unique goals and obstacles.  

Engage with us to find a unique Keynote opportunity to best fit your organization’s needs.

Keynote Topics

Epic People Improvement

A shocking 71% of the workforce is disengaged, but together we can turn things around. Chad can help transform your team to get them engaged, productive and walking tall. Book Now >

Be a Positve Disruption

Sometimes it’s good to stop dead in your tracks and get a new perspective. Chad can help you shake things up and take you a slightly different direction so you can really make a positive impact. Book Now >

Half the World's on Acid

As humans, all of us have issues, but when you learn how to leverage the best from everyone, magic happens and standards rise. Chad gives you skills to see people from a fresh perspective. Book Now >

Right Road, Wrong Direction

Inspiring people is what successful leaders do best. Chad can help you turn things around, find a starting point, and get you and your people headed in the right direction toward one unified vision. Book Now >

Set Your Filters on High

It’s said that honesty is the best policy, but in many situations, strategic thinking and expert communication can make all the difference. Chad can help you learn the best ways to approach and handle important issues with solid solutions. Book Now >

Additional topics can be covered to suit a client’s need.


“This was my favorite session! The content and delivery was excellent. His energy was contagious, and he communicated effectively. I love how Chad gets you out of your seat and partnering up with other attendees. PHENOMENAL session, speaker and topic.”

“Attending an event facilitated by Chad will not only have you on the edge of your chair but will inspire you to achieve more, perform better and produce better results in any endeavor you may choose! Chad is the ultimate professional, and if you have the chance, you must book him for your next event!”

“Great energy! As an introvert, I was definitely pushed outside my comfort zone with the initial format and forced one-to-one conversations. But, I did it and actually had some meaningful exchanges. Thank you for the push!”