Renewing My Perspective: The True Value of Our Work
Chad Carden addressing an audience

Yesterday I had the chance to observe two internal facilitators, from one of our clients, deliver our material. I watched it from the lenses of an audience member, a new leader and fresh eyes (someone who has never experienced TCG).

I was completely renewed in our quest in helping leaders improve. Being around this stuff for over two decades, I can sometimes become a little jaded and stale. I have forgotten the magic this stuff really has. What we are providing to leaders can truly change lives, transform companies and have a lasting impact.

I, at times, get into the mindset of “everyone knows this already” or “this is common practice.” It’s not common practice at all, and the tools we are providing really do create positive impact. That is why our value to our clients goes way beyond what can be measured.

Einstein’s quote hits home: “Not everything that counts can be counted. Not everything that can be counted counts.”

Yesterday was exactly what I needed to renew/reset/refocus/reimagine around the true value we bring.

All this to say: No matter what your industry or role, everyone can forget the value they bring and the impact they have. If this is you, I challenge you to create a “fresh start” to find a renewed perspective. It can work wonders. 

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