Introducing Josh Buffington, TCG Advisor
Josh Buffington, TCG Advisor

Meet Josh Buffington, TCG Advisor.

Drawing from his extensive background as a seasoned athlete and basketball coach, Josh translates his unique perspectives from the court to working with organizations, helping them achieve their goals and maximize their potential.

“I knew right away as a kid that I wanted to work with teams more than anything. I was always part of one and just to see the experience and the gains that you can get in life beyond the court was intriguing to me, as well.”

Josh joined TCG in 2018 and has proven to be an invaluable team member, not only to TCG, but to all of our clients who have worked with him. His ability to inspire a growth mindset helps push others beyond their comfort zones for improvement. And, he believes in connecting work with purpose for enhanced productivity. 

“I believe every experience is a good experience. It’s about figuring out how we can be thankful for some of the experiences that maybe cause us stress.”

Rooted in family and faith, Josh resides in Jefferson City, Mo., with his wife Jami and their three children.

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